Meet the Devs comes to Scotland

Well, this is the first time I’ve made it to a meet the devs meeting. And I chose probably the furthest location out from me, Edinburgh. But its the last of the Meet the Devs tour for 2015* and we like to have a User Group exec member present, so an early start and short flight later I was in Edinburgh. Hopefully we’ll be back in 2016 with some more meet the dev dates, we’ve managed 4 this year, which is about what we set out to do, once a quarter. If you are interested in meet the devs coming to your area, please get in touch with the group.

The event was well attended, and I’d like to thank Orlando for hosting us at University of Edinburgh.

As usual we went in with a general agenda, some topics to discuss but we let the informal sessions go where they want. There was a mixture of re-attendees and people who hadn’t been before, so its good to see people going back as it shows they must be getting value out of them. This time we had Rick Welp and Joseph Taylor from IBM, thanks to both for coming along and leading the day.

I know Rick or Joseph were planning on a blog post as well, so I’ll leave them to cover what they discussed. We did however get into a few side discussions, and this is one of the great things about the user group and meet the dev as its informal and allows us to go where the discussion wants to. And the pizza company letting us down didn’t break the day as we just carried on discussing in some smaller groups whilst we waited.

We got into some in depth discussion of protocol support, and as I’m running this in production at Birmingham, I was able to provide quite a bit of feedback to the others there on my experience with running it as well as how it works under the hood.

We also got into discussion on backup and ILM, and I think its amazing how everyone does these things in their own slightly different way. I think this might be an interesting area for discussion over on the group mailing list. There’s a lot of options and different ways to do things!

At the end of the day, I had a long list of questions people had raised and as usual we’ll take these back with IBM and hopefully get some answers for the people who made it there.

Thanks again to Orlando, Rick and Joseph and hopefully meet the dev will return in 2016. (We’ll even try and get the pizza company to deliver on time!)

Simon (Group Chair)

*OK, so we also have the user group meeting at Computing Insight UK in December, but you have to be attending the conference and its not quite a meet the dev session.