Events Schedule

Our events are all advertised on the group mailing list, and so this page may be a little out of date from time to time. You should check the posts on the mailing list for details on how to register for events if these are not given on the event page. All events require registration.

We run several types of event:

  • Main group meetings – usually 1 or 2 days annually per region
  • User group meetings at third party events – typically shorter than main group meetings but coinciding with other conferences or events, registration for the conference may be required to attend

In the past we have also run “meet the devs” where a small group of users meet with development, typically a deep dive into a specific area or technology.

We currently organise and co-ordinate events in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia. We’re happy to advertise local technical group events in other regions, please get in touch if this is the case. Note that some events which are not organised by the user group may have a charge for attendance by the organiser, please check the details of the event carefully.

Upcoming Events

  1. Australian Spectrum Scale User Group (after IBM Systems Technical University)

    October 18
  2. Spectrum Scale user group meeting @SC19

    November 17 @ 09:00 - 17:30 MST
  3. Spectrum Scale user group @Computing Insights

    December 5 @ 13:00 - 17:00 GMT
  4. Worldwide/UK Spectrum Scale 2020 new user day

    12th May 2020
  5. Worldwide/UK 2020 Spectrum Scale User Group

    13th May 2020 - 14th May 2020

Past events are listed in the event calendar – scroll back in time to find them!

We try and post a report after each event, you can read all our past event reports online!