Spectrum Scale Usergroup Committee

Group Chair: TBC

The user group is looking for a new Chair; during this interim OCF Limited will act as custodians on the group. Please continue to direct any enquiries to or

User group liaison: Ulf Troppens

Ulf Troppens is with IBM Spectrum Scale Development and IBM focal for the worldwide Spectrum Scale User Group.

USA Principal: Kristy Kallback-Rose

Kristy Kallback-Rose manages the storage team at Indiana University in HPC systems. She has over three years experience running Spectrum Scale and before that working with OpenAFS and HPSS. LinkedIn

USA Co-Principal: Bob Oesterlin

Bob Oesterlin works for Nuance Communications as a senior storage engineer for HPC grid. Prior to this Bob worked at IBM and has over 15 years experience with Spectrum Scale. He was is a founding Elder of the OpenAFS group.  – LinkedIn

USA Support: Bill Anderson

Bill works in the HPC Storage group at NCAR and has over 3 years of experience with Spectrum Scale and over 15 years of experience with a variety of other storage systems (e.g., HPSS, Spectrum Archive).


Australia/Pacific: Chris Schlipalius

Chris Schlipalius

Chris Schlipalius manages the data storage team at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Perth Western Australia.
This team manages GPFS and HSM (DMF) services.
He has over 7 years working with GPFS and DDN Storage, and over 20 years working with Enterprise Servers and Storage Infrastructure including Cisco UCS and EMC Isilon and VNX.

Systems Support: Laurence Horrocks-Barlow

Laurence is the Technical Director for OCF Limited with over 13 years experience working with GPFS based technologies including GNR (ESS/DSS/GSS) variations. He is responsible for OCF’s research and development activities including its technology portfolio.

Laurence supports the systems and services that run the GPFS Usergroup.