Upcoming webinar

Join IBM and guest speakers for the second Spectrum Scale webinar ‘A recipe for success: Deployment tips for IBM Spectrum Scale’

Date: 12th July, 12:00 EST

Hosts: Chandra Mukhyala, Douglas O´flaherty


• Bernard Shen from Re-Store

• Matt Forney from Wichita State Ennovar lab

Register now: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/600788922035486212

To view the first webinar ‘Building A Better Data Ocean: What’s New In IBM Spectrum Scale’ follow the link to download a replay: http://storagecommunity.org/resources/Big%20Data/Video/63-webinar-replay-building-a-better-data-ocean-what-s-new-in-ibm-spectrum-scale/