SSUG::Digital: 012 – Lenovo: Spectrum Scale and NVMe Storage (Held in conjunction with CIUK)

In this SSUG::Digital Expert Talk, we will cover several NVMe-related topics: The Lenovo DSS-G100 is an NVMe-rich server that can be used with Scale’s DAE, DME, and ECE. We will present how to use the TRIM support that has been introduced with Scale 5.0.x on its internal NVMe drives. The NetApp EF600 is an all-NVMe storage subsystem that is triggering the rebirth of the Spectrum Scale “SAN model” with NVMe-over-Fabrics. We will present its architecture, and show how to configure and use it with Spectrum Scale. Finally, we will discuss how the “Unified Namespace” concept of the emerging DAOS storage stack could be used for a namespace integration of this new technology with Spectrum Scale.

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Michael HenneckeMichael HenneckeMichael Hennecke is Lenovo’s Chief Technologist for HPC Storage and Networking. He has 27 years of experience in High Performance Computing. Michael has been working with IBM Spectrum Scale since GPFS version 1.1 and is one of the “fathers” of the GPFS Storage Server (GSS), which Lenovo has evolved into the Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale RAID (DSS-G). He holds a masters degree in physics from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany), and a “Distinguished IT Specialist” certification from The Open Group.

Please note that this talk starts slightly earlier than other events at 15:30 GMT. It is followed by a second expert talk at 16:00 GMT.

The last 2020 SSUG::Digital event will take place on December 4th and is being held in conjunction with Computing Insight UK 2020. The main CIUK conference will take place on 3rd December with the user group event on 4th December.

Held in association with CIUK: