Spectrum Storage Sweden User Group Meeting #6

 The Spectrum Storage Sweden User Group Meeting #6 is an IBM hosted event which includes a track on IBM Spectrum Scale. Here is the report which was sent by Mathias Persson Ölander.

For the 6th time we had the opportunity to host a Spectrum Storage User Group meeting in Sweden. It’s the evolution of the classic Tivoli User Group (Spectrum Protect), now including the full Spectrum Storage portfolio (with a focus on Spectrum Virtualize, Spectrum Control, Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Protect). 150+ attendees joined the meeting at IBM on November 16-17th from all of Sweden, a few guys from Norway and our international speakers from every corner of the world including New Zealand.

Spectrum Scale is winning a lot of ground right now in Sweden. Henrik Warfvinge describes the new Hype in Sweden with Spectrum Scale in a blog post. HPC customers want to get an Enterprise class product with the highest performance and scalability without compromise. Media and entertainment need a scalable solution with reliable performance including archiving. Spectrum Protect User want a back-end storage that supports new need with faster backups and restores to counter new threats like ransomware. And other use-cases. Some clients want it all; HPC, HDFS (Hadoop), Object, File, Backup – in one solution. Ola Pontusson at National Library of Sweden talked about how they use Spectrum Protect & Spectrum Scale to archiving the printed treasures of Sweden forever.

Have a taste of the Swedish User Group with our key note Ian Smith at Silverstring sharing his thought on Digital, Hybrid Cloud & Software Defined: https://youtu.be/8LvEajVc-i8.

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