GPFS User Group #2 report

Minutes from GPFS User Group Meeting 2 – Tuesday 5th April 2011

Hosted by University of Birmingham


Barry Evans (OCF) started off with a quick introduction welcoming everyone and outlining the agenda for the day.

Due to technical reasons, the morning agenda changed and the presentations started with a presentation on CEDAR and future projects from AWE and the experiences they have had using GPFS. A number of questions were raised by the audience about their experiences. Jim Roche suggested that the group feeds their requirements into a ‘wish list’ of items that IBM can then use as a formal mechanism to respond to. It was requested that clearance is obtained for the presentation slides and that they are made available retrospectively to group members.

Jez Tucker (Rushes) then presented on the systems used at Rushes and their experiences and challenges. Followed up with questions from the group.

In the final presentation of the morning, Robin Pallister (Met Office) discussed their experience and rationale for using HPC.

Following a break for lunch, communication was restored and a presentation via telephone conference was carried out by Kalyan Gunda, an IBM Developer.

Barry Evans (OCF) ended the day leading a group discussion about the committee development for the group.A few suggestions were made regarding the number of committee members (minimum of 3-5) but it was suggested that the committee formation is put on hold until group members are aware of each other. It was suggested that individuals post a short biography and photograph on the GPFS UG website and develop the community in preparation for forming the committee at the next meeting. Names, email addresses and organisationswere to be circulated with the minutesof the user group meeting. This is to include people that registered their interest but unfortunately were not able to attend.

Paul Hatton asked if there were to be a subscription for the group. Barry Evans stated that OCF are happy to continue to support the group to ensure that it gets up and running successfully. This is to be discussed again at the next meeting and formalised by the committee.It was agreed that Claire Robson (OCF) continues to be the group coordinator/administrator until the next meeting.

OCF to remove branding and use GPFS UG logo.

The GPFS UG website ( is to be made editable by group members but not deeper than content edits whilst OCF continue to host it.

Paul Hatton asked what percentage of GPFS users were represented at the group. Jim Roche (IBM) answered it was small but that the user group had diverse representation.

Jez Tucker suggested that the group should eventually become a global group. Jim Roche said that this would be possible virtually, in the future, and would enable the group to grow. A few exhibitions were suggested for group breakout sessions, with ISC ’11 in Hamburg being a popular choice. However the next user group meeting is still to be September in Warwick.

It was asked if the user group is to be sponsored by IBM. Jim Roche said that this would not be necessary, it is up to the users to support the group. However IBM would support the group by arranging presenters and developers where appropriate.

Paul Hatton (University of Birmingham) volunteered to host the next user group meeting once again and there were no objections received to this. It was suggested that the next meeting takes place following the summer holidays, before the University term starts. The second week of September (avoiding IBC 8th 13th September) was suggested with the frequency of meetings being every 6 months. Any other suggestions or objections to be emailed to Claire Robson (OCF).

It was suggested that the group develops specific focus groups for different areas of interest. Barry Evans stated that this could be discussed on forums as the group develops and grows. Jez Tucker asked if IBM could get contact details to get more people to sub groups. Jim Roche said that he could advertise the group internally and get people to register their interest on the user group website.

The group thanked Paul Hatton for hosting the group and to OCF for coordinating.

Meeting concluded at 4pm.