Spectrum Scale User Group, London, Tuesday 27th June – Wednesday 28th June

Hi all,

Just a reminder that the next UK User Group meeting will be taking place in London (IBM York Road) on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June

The current agenda is below and we still have some slots for User Presentations

Tuesday –  June 27, 2023

30       9:30-10:00    Arrival & Registration
15     10:00-10:15    Introductions and Committee Update
10     10:15-10:25    Welcome
25     10:25-10:50    Strategy Update
20     10:50-11:10    CyberSecurity, CyberResiliency, CyberVault
50     11:10-12:00    Modernisation of Storage Scale
60     12:00-13:00    Lunch & Networking
60     13:00-14:00    Lightning Talks I
30     14:00-14:30    ESS Performance Engineering
30     14:30-15:00    Afternoon Tea & Networking
20     15:00-15:20    StarFish Presentation
20     15:20-15:40    Bridgeworks Presentation
20     15:40-16:00    Tuxera Presentation
20     16:00-16:20    HPC Storage at BSC – Sergi More
20     16:20-16:40    Short Break
30     16:40-17:10    Performance Update
50     17:10-18:00    Meet the Devs – Ask us Anything
120   19:00-21:00    Get Together @ Etc Venues, Prospero House


Wednesday – June 28, 2023

15       9:00-  9:15     Arrival & Networking
30       9:15-  9:45     Sneak Preview I
45       9:45-10:30     AFM Deep Dive
30     10:30-11:00     Morning Tea & Networking
45     11:00-11:45     ESS Deep Dive
15     11:45-12:00     Lightning Talks II
60     12:00-13:00     Lunch & Networking
20     13:00-13:20     Storage Overview at AWE – Mark Roberts
20     13:20-13:40     Valentine – SACLE at the NHM – Paul Ward
20     13:40-14:00     AFM Migration experience – Robert Horton Cancer Research
30     14:00-14:30     Afternoon Tea & Networking
30     14:30-15:00     Scale and Protect/Archive
30     15:00-15:30     Filesystem Activity Monitoring using Splunk/QRadar
20     15:30-15:50     Sneak Preview II
10     15:50-16:00     Wrap-up

Event registration is https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/spectrum-scale-user-group-2023-registration-637962000517

CANCELLED: Worldwide/UK Spectrum Scale 2020 new user day

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, this in-person event is cancelled. We hope to bring a digital version!


The new user day is something we’ve tried to squeeze around the main agenda in the past, this year is running as a completely separate day prior to the main event.

Please note that registration for the new user day is separate to the main 2 day event.


The agenda for the new user day is currently being developed but the outline is provided here to help you plan travel.

1510:0010:15Opening, welcome
Spectrum Scale Use Cases
Spectrum Scale Features & Functions
Live Demo
Orientation for New Users
How to design a Spectrum Scale environment
3017:3018:00Q&A and WRAP UP


CANCELLED: Worldwide/UK 2020 Spectrum Scale User Group

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, this in-person event is cancelled. We hope to bring a digital version!


This year’s Spectrum Scale user group event has a fantastic agenda of Spectrum Scale experts and will take place over 2-days, again at IBM’s client centre overlooking the River Thames in London. 2020 sees 10 years of the user group in the UK! The event will provide you with the opportunity to hear the latest Spectrum Scale updates from filesystem experts as well as hear from other users on their experiences. Similar to previous years, we’re also holding smaller interactive workshops to allow for more detailed discussion.

In addition to the main event, we’re also running a new user day on 12th May. Please note that registration for the new user day is separate


This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors and we thank them for their support!



The agenda is currently being developed, the outline agenda to give an indication of timings is given below but is subject to change.

Day 1 – May 13th 2020

3010:0010:30Opening, welcome & pop quizSimon Thompson (Chair)
4016:5017:30Meet the Devs - Ask us AnythingAll
1017:3017:40WRAP UPSimon Thompson (Chair)
13518:3022:45User Group Networking / DinnerRegistration and Badge/Lanyard required

Day 2 – May 14th 2020

3008:3009:00Spectrum Scale Licensing
1015:5016:00CLOSESimon Thompson (Chair)

UK and World Wide Spectrum Scale User Group Meeting

The UK/World Wide 2019 Spectrum Scale user group is planned to take place on 8th and 9th May, once again overlooking the River Thames at IBM’s South Bank Client Centre.

The draft agenda for the event is posted below and has a mix of IBM, customer and sponsor talks. This year we have a particular focus on AI with Spectrum Scale and it promises to be another great two days.

Thanks to our sponsors, we’re able to run an evening dinner/networking event. We’ll provide more details on this on the day, but make sure you plan to attend our evening event!


Day 1: 8th May:

1510:0010:15Opening & welcomeSimon Thompson (Chair) / Ted Hoover (IBM)
2510:1510:40Spectrum Scale: The past, the present, the futureWayne Sawdon (IBM)
2510:4011:05Accelerating AI workloads with IBM Spectrum ScaleTed Hoover (IBM)
2011:0511:25Sponsor Talk [NVIDIA]: Doing large scale AI faster – scale innovation with multi-node-multi-GPU computing and a scaling data pipelineMiguel Martínez (NVIDIA)
2511:2511:50AI ecosystem and solutions with IBM Spectrum ScalePiyush Chaudhary (IBM)
1011:5012:00Meet the devsUlf Troppens (IBM)
3013:0013:30Spectrum Scale UpdatePuneet Chaudhary
1513:3013:45ESS UpdatePuneet Chaudhary
2013:4514:05Customer Talk - Why Spectrum Scale, a Customer ViewMark Vilensky (Weizmann Institute of Science)
2014:0514:25Sponsor Talk [DDN]: "Optimizing Storage Stacks for AI"Sven Oehme
2014:2514:45Sponsor Talk [Lenovo] - "Storage, Fast and Slow - Lenovo updates from both ends of the storage hierarchy"Michael Hennecke
1515:1515:30Support UpdateKai Korkow (IBM)
2015:3015:50New Storage Options for Spectrum ScaleLuis Bolinches (IBM)
2015:5016:10Customer Talk - Why Spectrum Scale, a Customer ViewPatrick Dekkers (Amsterdam UMC Locactie VUmc)
2016:1016:30Sponsor Talk [e8 Storage]: E8 Shared NVMe for High Performance Spectrum Scale ClustersStuart Campbell (e8 Storage) / Peter Childs (QMUL)
2016:3016:50Sponsor Talk [Mellanox] : Low Latency Ethernet Storage FabricsGadi Godanyan (Mellanox Technologies)
4016:5017:30Meet the Devs - Ask us AnythingAll
1017:3017:40WRAP UPSimon Thompson (Chair)
13518:3022:45User Group Networking / DinnerRegistration and Badge/Lanyard required

During the afternoon, we will also be running a breakout session “Getting Started with Spectrum Scale”. This is intended for newer users of Spectrum Scale and will be run subject to demand.

Day 2: 9th May:

3008:3009:00Spectrum Scale LicensingCarl Zetie (IBM)
6009:0010:00AI at Scale at the example of Autonomous Driving (Beginner)
IBM Aspera Sync for Spectrum Scale
Nils Haustein (IBM)
Cloud Update
Spectrum Scale Support for Container
Harald Seipp (IBM)
Towards Proactive Service with Call Home
Spectrum Scale Reliability, Availability und Serviceability
Mathias Dietz (IBM)
6010:0011:00Spectrum Scale installation and upgrade with Install ToolkitKedar Karmarkar (IBM)
Tiering to tape with Spectrum ArchiveKhanh Ngo (IBM)
Spectrum Scale Watch Folder
Lessons from the field
Olaf Weiser (IBM)
Kai Korkow (IBM) / Luis Bolinches (IBM)
6011:0012:00Overview: Spectrum Scale support for NFS and SMB
Spectrum Scale Best Practices for Snapshots
Ulf Troppens (IBM)
Kedar Karmarkar (IBM)
Spectrum Scale Policy Engine: Introduction and Use CasesNils Haustein (IBM)
Spectrum Scale Network FlowJohn Lewars (IBM)
3013:0013:30Lightning Talks - My favourite/worst Spectrum Scale featureAll - including attendees
3013:3014:00Memory Consumption in Spectrum ScaleJohn Lewars (IBM)
2014:3014:50Customer Talk - Migrating Spectrum Scale Filesystems with minimal downtimeLuke Sudbery (University of Birmingham)
2014:5015:10Sponsor Talk [OCF]: Atempo - Large Filesystem Migration & BackupThomas Ahrens (Atempo)
2015:1015:30Customer Talk - Experience with Spectrum Scale AFMAlvise Dorigo (PSI)
2015:3015:50High Performance TierWayne Sawdon (IBM)
1015:5016:00CLOSESimon Thompson (Chair)

This event is sponsored by IBM, OCF, e8 Storage, Lenovo, DDN Storage, Mellanox Technologies and NVIDIA.


Spectrum Scale UK April 2018 report

That’s a wrap!

Yes, we’ve made it to the end of another successful Spectrum Scale user group! This year has been our most highly attended group with over 110 registrations and around a 90% attendance rate. We had representation from 56 organisations and delegates from 13 countries as well as 29 speakers over 28 sessions. A big thank you goes out to all our IBM, sponsor and user speakers.

For 2018, we headed back to London and the IBM Client Centre London on the South Bank. The client centre team rightly deserve our thanks – where nothing was too much trouble for them. Finding us cables to plug our streaming kit and generally making sure the logistics of the venue were all dealt with.

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