Upcoming webinar

Join IBM and guest speakers for the second Spectrum Scale webinar ‘A recipe for success: Deployment tips for IBM Spectrum Scale’

Date: 12th July, 12:00 EST

Hosts: Chandra Mukhyala, Douglas O´flaherty


• Bernard Shen from Re-Store

• Matt Forney from Wichita State Ennovar lab

Register now: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/600788922035486212

To view the first webinar ‘Building A Better Data Ocean: What’s New In IBM Spectrum Scale’ follow the link to download a replay: http://storagecommunity.org/resources/Big%20Data/Video/63-webinar-replay-building-a-better-data-ocean-what-s-new-in-ibm-spectrum-scale/

Trip Report: German Expert Workshop – Ehningen March 8+9, 2016

There was the 5th German Spectrum Scale Expert Workshop in Ehningen at the IBM Germany headquarter on March 9+10, 2016. The Expert Workshop is an IBM organized event, though agenda and format are similar to the Spectrum Scale UK User Group Meeting which is upcoming in May. This year we had 200+ attendees, two-thirds of them were customers and partners. One specialty of the German Expert Workshop is that all sessions are in German. However, most charts are in English and available in the presentation section of this site.

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Meet the Devs – Oxford

On Feb 24th, the latest iteration of the Spectrum Scale – Meet the Devs took place in Oxford. We met on the Oxford University campus and as always, the meeting was well attended. I had the pleasure of meeting some new members in addition to catching up with a few familiar faces. Simon Thompson, the User Group Chair, introduced three IBMers from the Mainz Germany Lab, Ulf Troppens, Simon Lorenz and Stefan Schmidt. After the introductions by Simon and our hosts from Oxford, we started the meeting.

Ulf Troppens started the meeting off by introducing his German colleagues, and he presented a high-level overview of Spectrum Scale’s history through 4.2.

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